It&39;s going to smell burned and be gross. If You&39;re looking for parts only, you can. 275 reaisR 275. order of 5 1300 more gets the R&P If you guys would rather do a dog, then I&39;m down for that as well but we all know the price goes up. CAE Ultra Shifter for vehicles equipped with a VW 02M J 5 or 6 speed cable transmission, type MQ250, MQ350. Welcome then everyone, to the Quaife QKE6V 5-Speed Sequential Gearkit, developed alongside VAG tuning specialists, TSR Performance.

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Mar 19, 2006 Hey all Been reading many mixed responses regarding the O2J transmission and 300whp power applications (from blown transmissions on k04&39;d cars through to 400hp cars regularly hitting the strip on slicks with no breakages at all), and was wondering what your opinion is.

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Re (Eldi) i posted a long-a time ago in the tranny forum about o2j trannies. O2A VS O2J TRANSMISSION FREE. sequential definition 1. i also asked about upgrading those weak parts.

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